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Vazoplex  [discontinued] - Try "ON" Arousal
Vazoplex  [discontinued] - Try "ON" Arousal
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This product has been discontinued - Please try our new similar product called "ON"

80% of woman struggle to have an orgasm without some type of clitoral stimulation. If you are a women searching for optimum sexual health and intensified sexual performance, Vazoplex is for you! Vazoplex is a specifically designed formula, that has been proven effective through extensive clinical trials, to help eliminate many of female problems including vaginal dryness, loss or lack of libido, arousal and orgasm. When Vazoplex is applied, this patent pending formula has active ingredients that will begin to improve cellular function, will increase vaginal secretions, and relieve vaginal dryness.

Put half of a drop on your clitoris and use a buzzing toy and you will be taken to new heights. Intense, multiple orgasms. Use with your lover as well during intercourse.

NOTE - Should Not use if pregnant. Re-directs blood flow from uterus to clitoral area

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