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Toy Cleaning
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LOVE and PROTECT - Toy CleanerLOVE and PROTECT - Toy CleanerKeep your pleasure products clean and your body safe! This advanced antibacterial cleaning spray contains active anti-microbial ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, and it is mild enough to not cause any skin irritation. Spray directly onto pleasure products both prior to use, and after. Wipe away extra fluid.
Shine (Foaming Toy Cleaner) [discontinued] - Try LOVE and PROTECTShine (Foaming Toy Cleaner) [discontinued] - Try LOVE and PROTECTThis product has been discontinued.  Please try our new/similar product called LOVE and PROTECT

Toy Shine with Triclosan, is an antibacterial foaming toy cleaner that is safe to use on all of your sex toys. Toy shine is effective as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaning tool that wont damage or dry out your toys. Designed to be used before and after play
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