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LOVEWINX - Romance
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Playful sexy position cards offering 100,000 different fantasies. The game play is similar to rummy, but the reward for winning…is much more fun!

AIM TO PLEASE - Silicone and Velvet Touch Pleasure BeadsAIM TO PLEASE - Silicone and Velvet Touch Pleasure BeadsEnhance your back door play with our anal play beads made of body-safe silicone with a finger ring for easy use. Phthalatefree, hig- grade materials make this a very health conscious bedroom accessory. Perfect for first timers or experienced users.
ALL THE FEELS - Hollow Silicone Strap OnALL THE FEELS - Hollow Silicone Strap OnThe ultimate life-like, real feel and comfortable strap-on experience can be yours with ALL THE FEELS! Super soft silicone shaft is hollow, super-stretchy and bends to accommodate most sizes.

Immerse yourself into a sensuous bath with our varoius scented bath bombs.

Melts to release 3 sexually suggestive cards that will come in very handy because this bomb is hot tub friendly.

Scent descriptions:

  • EXOTIC TOUCH - Lemongrass and Jasmine
  • LAVENDER LUST - Lavender
  • PETAL PASSION - Cherry Blossom Floral
Size - 5oz each
BEAUTIFUL BODY IN BALANCE (Progestocell)BEAUTIFUL BODY IN BALANCE (Progestocell)Feel beautiful and sexy again, using this all-natural  Progesterone cream. It may be helpful reducing hot flashes, cold chills, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, and irritability.

ProgestoCell is a natural USP progesterone cream derived from wild yams. It is specially formulated from the purest and most natural ingredients for women experiencing low levels of progesterone and/or estrogen dominance.
BECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingBECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingTurn any ordinary door into your favorite bedroom accessory.  This fully adjustable, easy to use door swing will enable you to enjoy positions you never thought possible.  Get comfortable on the padded seat, slip your feet through the stirrups and enjoy the ride. 
BEDROOM DESSERTS - Romance Idea BookBEDROOM DESSERTS - Romance Idea BookBedroom Desserts is a sensual and seductive way to look at desserts. With tantalizing ideas, recipes, and suggestions, you can have a romantic evening any night of the week. With easy recipes, seductive suggestions, quickie quests, and romance resources; Bedroom Desserts is your complete guide to a romantic evening. Bedroom Desserts gives you an array of sweet choices to mix and match with your meals. From simple to sophisticated, you will be able to incorporate the concept of romance with your lover by ending your mealtime together with a relaxing, and romantic treat - the perfect way to end a hectic day!
BEDROOM VOWS - Card Game for Passionate LoversBEDROOM VOWS - Card Game for Passionate Lovers

Bedroom Vows™ are a collection of naughty suggestions, sexual seductions, and playful surprises which are guaranteed to spice up your love life!

BEING WELL Essential Oil BlendBEING WELL Essential Oil Blend

Our proprietary Being Well Blend contains some of the most popular oils believed to benefit the body. Simply breathing and swallowing allows all kinds of “bugs” to enter our body. It’s impossible to eliminate the threats, but many believe that we may be able to assist our body’s natural defenses with essential oils.

BEING WELL Essential Oil Blend RollerBEING WELL Essential Oil Blend Roller

Our proprietary Being Well Blend contains some of the most popular oils believed to benefit the body. Simply breathing and swallowing allows all kinds of “bugs” to enter our body. It’s impossible to eliminate the threats, but many believe that we may be able to assist our body’s natural defenses with essential oils.

BERGAMOT Essential OilBERGAMOT Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is produced from the rind of a bergamot orange fruit. The scent of bergamot essential oil is similar to an orange peel with a floral note. Bergamot can improve your overall mood, help reduce stress and is very popular as a household fragrance. Botanical name: Citrus bergamia, Plant source: Peel, Extraction method: Steam distilled

BEST OF MY LOVE - Male Enhancement SleeveBEST OF MY LOVE - Male Enhancement SleeveOur BEST OF MY LOVE Enhancement Sleeve delivers increased levels of pleasure to all those hard to reach spots. This clever and super-stretchy, easy to use penis sleeve increases girth while whisper soft “ticklers” massage and tease all the right places.
BJ BlastBJ BlastThe worlds only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding, oral sex candy! Put some in your mouth and then him and let the popping begin. It’s a fun and tasty way to spice things up.
BLISS MIST - Body Mist with PheromonesBLISS MIST - Body Mist with PheromonesTop off your beauty routine with a boost of sexual confidence and smelling oh so sexy! Bliss Mist is available in your favorite fragrance and infused with arousing pheromones and herbal aphrodisiacs.
BLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBe sure your man is using this as the final step to his grooming routine. Just a spray or two of this pheromone-infused scented mist will boost his sexual confidence while making him completely irresistible to you.

Size: 1.7 fl.oz.

BLUSCAPE - Body WashBLUSCAPE - Body WashHe will feel fresh, clean and confident using our classically masculine scented body wash in the bath or shower. Made with healthy botanical and essential oils.
BLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamBLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamHe will stay nice and dry in every situation with this unique cream that dries powder soft. Excellent to use after shaving or bathing. No chaffing, no sweating. Scented with our BLUscape signature scent.

BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)Rock Prolonging Gel allows a man to feel all the pleasure he wants, for longer. This minty gel slightly desensitizes the nerve endings on the tip of the penis, therefore reducing any unwanted over-stimulation that would prevent him from being your rock all night long.
BLUSCAPE - Performance Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)BLUSCAPE - Performance Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)Naturally boost his libido levels and see a dramatic increase in his sex drive and performance. BLUscape Sex Drive also increases his mental focus, mood and energy. It helps him build muscle mass and maybe even lose a few pant sizes. This natural, long-term solution is a daily applied cream and is made with the top 3 supplements doctors prescribe to men with low sex drive (DHEA, Maca and Fenugreek.)
BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)He will be thrilled with this fast-acting hybrid gel that dramatically heightens arousal, blood flow and sensitivity, all while maximizing his performance. BLUscape Power Glide helps men feel thicker, firmer and enjoy sensations more. It's fun to use with any men's pleasure accessory.
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