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Slick n Silly - Taboo (Anal Lube) [discontinued] - Try BOTTOMS UP, DARLING
Slick n Silly - Taboo (Anal Lube) [discontinued] - Try BOTTOMS UP, DARLING
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This product has been discontinued - Please try our new similar product called "BOTTOMS UP, DARLING"

Taboo is designed for anal play and is special because of its gel like consistency. The gel helps create a cushion for anal intercourse, and is designed to mimic your body's own natural lubrication.. Thicker to stay in place and is long lasting to create an enjoyable, comfortable experience.

Taboo is water based and free of Parabens and Glycerin. Taboo does not contain any desensitizing ingredients that can cause tissue damage for your safety. Water Based, Vegan friendly, Hypoallergenic, Non Toxic, Unflavored, Unscented, Non-Staining, Glycerin and Paraben free, Plastic, condom, and latex friendly, Does not promote yeast infections or UTI's

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