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BLISS MIST - Body Mist with PheromonesBLISS MIST - Body Mist with PheromonesTop off your beauty routine with a boost of sexual confidence and smelling oh so sexy! Bliss Mist is available in your favorite fragrance and infused with arousing pheromones and herbal aphrodisiacs.
BLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBe sure your man is using this as the final step to his grooming routine. Just a spray or two of this pheromone-infused scented mist will boost his sexual confidence while making him completely irresistible to you.

Size: 1.7 fl.oz.

HEART + HAND - Massage Oil (w/ Pheromones)HEART + HAND - Massage Oil (w/ Pheromones)Relaxing and sensual, our pheromone-infused luxury massage oils are made with a blend body-enriching moisturizers, and natural, botanical essential oils that will delight the senses and caress your body. HEART-HAND Luxury Massage oil also includes a special hyper-glide that lasts longer than typical massage oils, so this magic moment will last all night.
HEART + HAND - Massage Oil Candle (w/ Pheromones)HEART + HAND - Massage Oil Candle (w/ Pheromones)SIGHT. SCENT. TOUCH. The senses come alive with our HEART HAND 3-in-1 massage oil candles. Light the candle and enjoy the way it lights and scents the room. Let the wax melt, blow the flame out and pour the luxuriously warm massage oil onto your partner’s body.

Directions for use: Trim the wick to 1/4” before lighting. After the wax is melted, blow out the flame and pour warm oil onto your partner.

HEARTBREAKER Pheromone Roll OnHEARTBREAKER Pheromone Roll OnWear this universal sex attractant to boost your sexy confidence and be more attractive. The pheromones are unisex, so men and women can wear the same formula. The scent is fresh, fruity and floral and smells different on every person. You can wear this along with your own perfume, or enjoy it by itself.

Size: .34 fl.oz.

LOVE in a BUBBLE - Bubble BathLOVE in a BUBBLE - Bubble BathSubmerge yourself with your sweetie in a super fluffy bubble bath…warm, silky water with the fragrance that pleases both of you most. Infused with arousing pheromones and essential oils that put you in the mood and make you feel sexy.
Silky Soft Massage Oil - Pomegranate Ginger (LAST ONE!)Silky Soft Massage Oil - Pomegranate Ginger (LAST ONE!)This product has been discontinued.  Please try our new/similar products in the LOVEWINX MASSAGE category

Massage oil that can be used a variety of ways - try it out with a massage mit to keep your hands clean for extra play later!
SPARX - Lip Balm w/ PheromonesSPARX - Lip Balm w/ Pheromones

This all-natural, unique buzzing lip balm will turn your lips into a vibrator! It is designed to help you transfer that wildly electric feeling from your lips to your partner with a kiss they will never forget!


  • 100% botanical ingredients and essential oils
  • Colorless on the lips (great for men to use)
  • It is gender-friendly! The pheromone blend attracts
    both men and women
  • It is safe and pleasurable to use during oral sex
  • It is an excellent daily lip moistur
SPARX - Lip GlossSPARX - Lip Gloss

This very unique buzzing lip gloss will turn your lips into a vibrator, and makes you look ultra-glamorous at the same time! It was designed to help you transfer that wildly electric feeling from your lips to your partner with a kiss they will never forget!

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