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BOTTOMS UP DARLING - Anal LubeBOTTOMS UP DARLING - Anal LubeThis all-natural, ultra-thick water-based personal moisturizer is ideal for all tush play activities, because it stays put, lasts longer and washes away quickly when rinsed off. It is also safe to use with all toy materials.
JUST LIKE SILK (Hybrid Lube - Water Base w/ Silicone)JUST LIKE SILK (Hybrid Lube - Water Base w/ Silicone)Water-based but disappears, leaving skin feeling silky soft. The perfect choice for people who want to feel more sensation without friction. Especially good for people with sensitivities or looking for more moisture throughout the day. Safe to use with all romantic accessory materials.
NATURALLY YOURS - Water based lubeNATURALLY YOURS - Water based lubeNaturally Yours is the closest feeling to your own personal lubrication. This completely water-based moisturizer is made with all-natural ingredients, and the most gentle preservatives. It is safe to use with latex and all romantic accessory materials.
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