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Liquerwish [discontinued] - Try ON PLUS and/or IGNITE
Liquerwish [discontinued] - Try ON PLUS and/or IGNITE
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This item has been discontinued - Please try our new/similar product called ON.

Liquer Wish is a clitoral stimulating cream that adds a little flavor to an already hot product. Liquer wish will tempt your taste buds, it packs a sexy punch to stir your love life - and give you better orgasms.  Simply massage a bit onto the clitoral area, where you will feel a tingling cool sensation as well as a sensual warming feel.  It may then be licked off!

Luscious scented and flavored cream is soft and smooth. Contains special sensitizers for HER to intensify and heightens feelings.  Remember when picking a flavor; pick theirs, not yours, as you won’t be licking yourself!

*NOTE - Do not use if pregnant.  This product will move blood flow from uterus to clitoris.

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