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For Him
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.LET'S GET IT ON Combo.LET'S GET IT ON ComboThis combination of items is GREAT for couples who want to have long lasting and amazing orgasms.  
  1. Let's Get it On - Vibrating pleasure ring for couples (cock ring - keep him harder, for longer) 
  2. To Love & Protect - Toy cleaner is a must with a Man Sleeve
  3. HERO Power Glide - Arounsal gel for him
  4. Ignite - Stimulating Arousal Glide. Choose:
    • Strawberry
    • Regular (no flavor)
  5. ON PLUS for her - Arousal Oil or Gel.  Choose flavor and/or intensity:
    • Frost oil - cool & tingly
    • Wild oil - original intensity
    • Extreme oil - more intense than Wild
    • Cocoa flavored oil - same intensity as Wild
    • Cinnamon Sugar flavored gel - same intensity as Wild, with a
BEST OF MY LOVE - Male Enhancement SleeveBEST OF MY LOVE - Male Enhancement SleeveOur BEST OF MY LOVE Enhancement Sleeve delivers increased levels of pleasure to all those hard to reach spots. This clever and super-stretchy, easy to use penis sleeve increases girth while whisper soft “ticklers” massage and tease all the right places.
BJ BlastBJ BlastThe worlds only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding, oral sex candy! Put some in your mouth and then him and let the popping begin. It’s a fun and tasty way to spice things up.
BLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBLUSCAPE - Body Mist w/ PhermonesBe sure your man is using this as the final step to his grooming routine. Just a spray or two of this pheromone-infused scented mist will boost his sexual confidence while making him completely irresistible to you.

Size: 1.7 fl.oz.

BLUSCAPE - Body WashBLUSCAPE - Body WashHe will feel fresh, clean and confident using our classically masculine scented body wash in the bath or shower. Made with healthy botanical and essential oils.
BLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamBLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamHe will stay nice and dry in every situation with this unique cream that dries powder soft. Excellent to use after shaving or bathing. No chaffing, no sweating. Scented with our BLUscape signature scent.

BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)Rock Prolonging Gel allows a man to feel all the pleasure he wants, for longer. This minty gel slightly desensitizes the nerve endings on the tip of the penis, therefore reducing any unwanted over-stimulation that would prevent him from being your rock all night long.
BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)He will be thrilled with this fast-acting hybrid gel that dramatically heightens arousal, blood flow and sensitivity, all while maximizing his performance. BLUscape Power Glide helps men feel thicker, firmer and enjoy sensations more. It's fun to use with any men's pleasure accessory.
BLUSCAPE - Shaving CreamBLUSCAPE - Shaving CreamThis moisture-rich shaving cream leaves his skin looking youthful, well moisturized and smooth. Suitable for using everywhere on the body.
BLUSCAPE PERFORMANCE - Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)BLUSCAPE PERFORMANCE - Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)Naturally boost his libido levels and see a dramatic increase in his sex drive and performance. BLUscape Sex Drive also increases his mental focus, mood and energy. It helps him build muscle mass and maybe even lose a few pant sizes. This natural, long-term solution is a daily applied cream and is made with the top 3 supplements doctors prescribe to men with low sex drive (DHEA, Maca and Fenugreek.)
CANDIMAN - Hand Magic Massage (formerly HANDI-CANDI)CANDIMAN - Hand Magic Massage (formerly HANDI-CANDI)Let your hands work their magic to give him a special lap massage he will never forget! Candiman is an ultra-slippery hand bathing gel that lasts for an extended amount of time, and allows him to feel every one of your tickles, glides, squeezes and caresses to his favorite body part. This playful potion is also sweet to taste and turns him into your favorite piece of candy at the end of the massage.
DICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameDICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameOur Dice Of Desire are a romantic game for two (or more) players.  These dice will add just the right amount of kinky play to your foreplay moments.
FOOLIN AROUND - Male Pleasure SleeveFOOLIN AROUND - Male Pleasure SleeveMade with your man in mind, this open ended masturbation product is the perfect companion for all. Its ultra, soft material with a wide tunnel makes it the perfect fit for all men. The uniquely rippled inside will create waves of pleasure for your male partner.
HERO 10 - Premium Talcum CreamHERO 10 - Premium Talcum CreamYou love to see him work up a sweat, but Your Hero will stay nice and dry in every situation with this unique cream that dries powder soft. Excellent to use after shaving or bathing. No chaffing, no sweating. Scented with our (HE)RO 10 signature scent.

IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY - Male Pleasure SleeveIT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY - Male Pleasure SleeveLook no further, this sleeve is the best of the very best!  Ribbed in the internal shaft with only one hole for an intense suction sensation, this is the ultimate life like sleeve.  Use with or without the amazing 7 function bullet for an even deeper, intense sensation.
JUST BETWEEN US - Throat Relaxing Spray (formerly DEEPLY IN LOVE)JUST BETWEEN US - Throat Relaxing Spray (formerly DEEPLY IN LOVE)Use Just Between Us flavored numbing spray to help relax your throat muscles and take his love deeper than ever before. Combine Just Between Us with Sweet On You Oral Delight Cream and his pleasure will definitely become yours.
KINKY VOWS - Activity Card GameKINKY VOWS - Activity Card Game

Kinky Vows™ are a collection of sensual suggestions, kinky seductions, and playful surprises which are guaranteed to spice up your love life!


  • Kinky Vows™ are a great way to either reward your lover or to simply express that you're in the mood for something adventurous.andnbsp; It's up to you, you can take turns exchanging vows or you can surprise your lover by hiding the vows in places where they are sure to find them.
LET'S GET IT ON - Male Enhancement Ring for CouplesLET'S GET IT ON - Male Enhancement Ring for CouplesLet's Get It On is the ideal vibrating pleasure ring for couples. It features a removable waterproof bullet with 7 tantalizing speeds and a dual support comfortable fit. It's designed to heighten sensations for both you and your lover making this our best-selling couples' accessory.
NIPSICLE - Nipple StimulantNIPSICLE - Nipple StimulantNIPSICLE is the most exciting thing to happen to nipples since ice cubes! This all-natural tingling balm is designed to delight nipples by giving them more sensation and enhance sensitivity.   

  • Feels cool and tingly after applied
  • Nipples become more sensitive and perky
  • Made with all natural beeswax and essential oils
  • For men and women
  • Safe to use orally
SWEET ON YOU - Oral Delight Cream (formerly called DEELICIOUS)SWEET ON YOU - Oral Delight Cream (formerly called DEELICIOUS)His pleasure will be your pleasure with our Sweet On You Oral Delight Cream. This sweet edible gel is all that you will taste, as it keeps the tongue and throat completely coated. It stays present in the mouth longer than typical oral gels, allowing your love to go longer and deeper than ever before
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