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Deep Throat Mints [discontinued] - Try DEEPLY IN LOVE
Deep Throat Mints [discontinued] - Try DEEPLY IN LOVE
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This product has been discontinued.  Please try our new/similar product called DEEPLY IN LOVE.

These mints are going to make him worship the ground you walk on! Place a mint on your tongue and let it dissolve, The festive spiced chocolate flavor tastes delicious and makes him taste divine.The Sixty Nine Deep Throat mints are a cool way to spice up oral sex.

With the refreshing flavor and benzocaine to numb the gag reflex they can definitely make fellatio a bit more enjoyable for those who do not already enjoy it!  If you want an easier way to give your man what he is asking for, indulge with these new tasty Sixty Nine Deep Throat Mints. These mints will soothe your throat and make pleasing your man an enjoyable thing.

Temporarily soothes the throat, benzocaine provides tingle for both lovers with 20 mints per tin, 0.7 oz. tin

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