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50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card Game50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card GameMixing play and pleasure, these kinky sex position cards offer 100,000 different fantasies with all the tantalizing combinations to try, there's no losing in this card game! 

Four languages on each card - English, Spanish, French & German
BEAUTIFUL BODY IN BALANCE (Progestocell)BEAUTIFUL BODY IN BALANCE (Progestocell)Feel beautiful and sexy again, using this all-natural  Progesterone cream. It may be helpful reducing hot flashes, cold chills, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, mood swings, and irritability.

ProgestoCell is a natural USP progesterone cream derived from wild yams. It is specially formulated from the purest and most natural ingredients for women experiencing low levels of progesterone and/or estrogen dominance.
BECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingBECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingTurn any ordinary door into your favorite bedroom accessory.  This fully adjustable, easy to use door swing will enable you to enjoy positions you never thought possible.  Get comfortable on the padded seat, slip your feet through the stirrups and enjoy the ride. 
BEDROOM DESSERTSBEDROOM DESSERTSBedroom Desserts is a sensual and seductive way to look at desserts. With tantalizing ideas, recipes, and suggestions, you can have a romantic evening any night of the week. With easy recipes, seductive suggestions, quickie quests, and romance resources; Bedroom Desserts is your complete guide to a romantic evening. Bedroom Desserts gives you an array of sweet choices to mix and match with your meals. From simple to sophisticated, you will be able to incorporate the concept of romance with your lover by ending your mealtime together with a relaxing, and romantic treat - the perfect way to end a hectic day!
BLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamBLUSCAPE - Luxury Dry Touch CreamHe will stay nice and dry in every situation with this unique cream that dries powder soft. Excellent to use after shaving or bathing. No chaffing, no sweating. Scented with our BLUscape signature scent.

BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)BLUSCAPE - Performance Rock (Prolonging Gel)Rock Prolonging Gel allows a man to feel all the pleasure he wants, for longer. This minty gel slightly desensitizes the nerve endings on the tip of the penis, therefore reducing any unwanted over-stimulation that would prevent him from being your rock all night long.
BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)BLUSCAPE - Power Glide (Arousal Gel for Him)He will be thrilled with this fast-acting hybrid gel that dramatically heightens arousal, blood flow and sensitivity, all while maximizing his performance. BLUscape Power Glide helps men feel thicker, firmer and enjoy sensations more. It's fun to use with any men's pleasure accessory.
BLUSCAPE PERFORMANCE - Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)BLUSCAPE PERFORMANCE - Sex Drive (Testosterone Booster)Naturally boost his libido levels and see a dramatic increase in his sex drive and performance. BLUscape Sex Drive also increases his mental focus, mood and energy. It helps him build muscle mass and maybe even lose a few pant sizes. This natural, long-term solution is a daily applied cream and is made with the top 3 supplements doctors prescribe to men with low sex drive (DHEA, Maca and Fenugreek.)
HERO 10 - Premium Talcum CreamHERO 10 - Premium Talcum CreamYou love to see him work up a sweat, but Your Hero will stay nice and dry in every situation with this unique cream that dries powder soft. Excellent to use after shaving or bathing. No chaffing, no sweating. Scented with our (HE)RO 10 signature scent.

LOVE GLOVE - Massage MittLOVE GLOVE - Massage Mitt

Give or receive a sensual massage using this soft massage mitten.  The pleasure is twice as nice with its two sided style design.  The LOVE GLOVE will slide and glide all over your body, all the while caressing you with hundreds of relaxing and tantalizing stimulators.

PURE BODY WITH HEMP - Oil SprayPURE BODY WITH HEMP - Oil SprayLuxurious body oil created with the finest natural ingredients to moisturize and condition the skin to help maintain a healthy glow. Includes the added benefits of Hemp Oil which enhances the healing process. The silky feel makes this great after-bath or for a sensual massage.
REVIBE BODY (aka FRISKY BODY) - Stimulating Body GelREVIBE BODY (aka FRISKY BODY) - Stimulating Body GelREVIBE BODY (previously named Frisky Body): After hours on your feet you need instant relief for tired, end-of-the-day-legs. Frisky Legs is a virtual leg massage in a bottle. Smooth it over legs to increase circulation and revitalize. Frisky Legs even helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Containing the oils of Menthol and Camphor, this revitalizing formula will leave your skin silky smooth, moisturized and... invigorated!

Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking
By Dr. Sadie Allison, Tickle Kitty Press

A truly modern communication tool, this gem of a book empowers women and men to experience the best lovemaking of their lives. Dr. Sadie's fun, conversational style and hands-on encouragement will guide you to the romance and passion you crave.

Riding Crop - LAST ONE!Riding Crop - LAST ONE!To ensure obedience playfully with 10 inches of pleasure
Slick n Silly - Aqua Water Based Lube [discontinued] Try Naturally YoursSlick n Silly - Aqua Water Based Lube [discontinued] Try Naturally YoursThe larger bottles of this product have been discontinued - Please try our new similar product called "Naturally Yours"

Aqua is a water based lubricant formulated to mimic your body's own lubrication. Glycerin and Paraben free, sugar free, and unscented - just like you! Aqua is safe to use with any toy and is condom friendly. Use Aqua for all of your sexual activity.

Water Based, Vegan friendly, Hypoallergenic, Non Toxic, Glycerin and Paraben free, Plastic, condom, and latex friendly, Does not promote yeast infections or UTI's
STAY WITH ME - Doggie Style Strap w/ HandlesSTAY WITH ME - Doggie Style Strap w/ HandlesOur STAY WITH ME Perfect Position Strap transforms a popular position into the ultimate romantic encounter…no batteries required. Stay With Me has comfortable padding and extra-long straps on each side for control right where you want it. Allows for deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation.
SUGAR, PLEASE - Be You TifulSUGAR, PLEASE - Be You TifulThis luxury body polish is made with natural granulated sugar and botanical aphrodisiacs that smooth your skin, making it irresistibly soft. The moisture rich and natural oils hydrate your entire body.
SUGAR, PLEASE - Truly Madly DeeplySUGAR, PLEASE - Truly Madly DeeplyThis luxury body polish is made with natural granulated sugar and botanical aphrodisiacs that smooth your skin, making it irresistibly soft. The moisture rich and natural oils hydrate your entire body.
VA VA VOOM - Work of HeartVA VA VOOM - Work of HeartDeep conditioning natural oils, stimulating botanical herbs are blended with your favorite fragrance to moisturize, tighten and firm your beautiful body. VaVa Voom is uplifting, life-changing and will make you feel absolutely gorgeous.
YES YOU DEW - Work of HeartYES YOU DEW - Work of HeartPerfect for creating skin that glistens and smells divine. It is made with ultra-hydrating oils that feel unusually light weight. A perfect potion for layering your favorite scent. Excellent to use on warm, freshly showered skin, or anytime.
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