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Shades of Grey Kit [discontinued] - Visit our SHADES OF PASSION section
Shades of Grey Kit [discontinued] - Visit our SHADES OF PASSION section
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This item has been discontinued - Please try our new/similar products in the SHADES OF PASSION section

It is a national phenomenon and for great reason! How can we argue when so many people are exploring new toys and igniting their sensual side? We have put a very special kit together for you with a great assortment of items to try! Whether your seasoned or are thinking about exploring you will have no problem creating a mood with this kit we put together just for you! With everything you need, you will be exploring Grey Expectations with ease! Here's what's in your kit:
  • The Grey Sash - to explore your limits of being tied up
  • The Grey Tie - to explore the limits of tying someone up
  • Metal Handcuffs - to explore how far you will go
  • Feather Nipple Clamps - to explore a whole new world of pleasure
  • Free Masquerade Mask - To explore the world of role play
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