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SINGLE Concentrated Oils
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BERGAMOT Essential OilBERGAMOT Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is produced from the rind of a bergamot orange fruit. The scent of bergamot essential oil is similar to an orange peel with a floral note. Bergamot can improve your overall mood, help reduce stress and is very popular as a household fragrance. Botanical name: Citrus bergamia, Plant source: Peel, Extraction method: Steam distilled

CEDARWOOD Essential OilCEDARWOOD Essential Oil

Cedarwood oil is derived from various types of conifers. Its reported benefits are many and include skin and hair care, fighting infection and relieving stress. It can even help to repel moths and pests.

CLARY SAGE Essential OilCLARY SAGE Essential Oil

Clary sage is a perennial in the genus Salvi. It has a light herbaceous and relaxing fragrance. Many believe it is beneficial for easing insomnia, hot flashes, menstrual cramps and hormone imbalances. It is also known to have antimicrobial properties making it handy to keep in the home. Botanical name: Salvia sclarea Plant source: Flower, leaf Extraction method: Steam distilled

CLOVE Essential OilCLOVE Essential Oil

Clove oil comes from the flower bud and/or stem of the evergreen tree. It is instantly recognized by its warm and spicy fragrance that is often associated with the holidays. Clove oil is great for diffusing or diluting with a carrier oil to enjoy its benefits. Botanical name: Eugenia caryophyllata Plant source: Bud, leaf or stem Extraction method: Steam distilled

ELEMI Essential OilELEMI Essential Oil

Elemi is a tree found in the tropical forests of the Philippines. Elemi oil is known to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and may promote healthier looking skin. It is also known to help ease achy muscles and promote relaxation with its pleasant, spicy scent. Botanical name: Canarium luzonicum Plant source: Gum of the Tree Extraction method: Steam distilled

EUCALYPTUS Essential OilEUCALYPTUS Essential Oil

Eucalyptus globulus is an evergreen tree and one of the most cultivated trees native to Australia. Widely favored for its unique scent and cleansing properties making it a common ingredient in many products. Botanical name: Eucalyptus globulus Plant source: Leaf Extraction method: Steam distilled

GERANIUM Essential OilGERANIUM Essential Oil

Geranium oil is harvested from the geranium plant. Many use it to enhance the appearance of the skin and hair and it can be found in many beauty products. Its aromatic properties may also assist in calming the nerves or reducing stressful feelings. Geranium oil is known to act as a natural insect repellent as well, making it a great all-purpose product to have on-hand. Botanical name: Pelargonium graveolens Plant source: Flower/stem Extraction method: Steam distillation

LAVENDER Essential OilLAVENDER Essential Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil obtained by distillation from the flower spikes of certain species of lavender. Because of its clean, floral scent and many uses, lavender oil is a must-have for anyone. Botanical name: Lavandula augustifolia Plant source: Flower Extraction method: Steam distilled

LEMON Essential OilLEMON Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil comes from cold-pressing the peel of the flowering plant. Lemon oil is one of the top-selling oils because of its crisp, clean, uplifting scent and variety of benefits. Botanical name: Citrus limonum Plant source: Peel Extraction method: Cold-pressed

LEMONGRASS Essential OilLEMONGRASS Essential Oil

Cymbopogon, better known as lemongrass, is a tropical island plant in the grass family. Lemongrass oil has a citrusy, earthy scent that is commonly used in spa and aromatherapy treatments. Its fragrance is ideal for use as a deodorizer. Botanical name: Cymbopogon flexuosus Plant source: Stalk Extraction method: Steam distilled

ORANGE Essential OilORANGE Essential Oil

Orange oil is an essential oil produced from the rind of the orange fruit. This best seller is in many beauty and household products due to its antibacterial properties and pleasant scent. It blends well with many other essential oils and products making it perfect for those that love to experiment. Botanical name: Citrus sinensis Plant source: Peel Extraction method: Cold pressed

PEPPERMINT Essential OilPEPPERMINT Essential Oil

Peppermint is in the genus Mentha and botanically named Mentha piperita and is cultivated in nearly all regions. It’s very versatile and can be used aromatically or topically to ease muscles, allergy symptoms, fatigue and may be beneficial for hair and skin health.

SANDALWOOD BLEND Essential Oil (Diluted 14%)SANDALWOOD BLEND Essential Oil (Diluted 14%)

Sandalwood is an essential oil obtained from the wood of various species of sandalwood trees. It is recognized by its distinctly sweet, earthy aroma that is known for many benefits that include mellowing your mood to enhancing your beauty routine. It blends well with other fragrances and oils making it an ideal multi-use oil enjoyed by women and men.

YLANG YLANG Essential OilYLANG YLANG Essential Oil

Ylang ylang is extracted from the flowers of the tropical cananga tree native to parts of Asia. Recognized by its intoxicating floral scent, it is often used in many fragrances, skincare and hair products. In addition, many enjoy the relaxing fragrance and believe it acts as an aphrodisiac.

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