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ON PLUS - FROST [WILD Intensity] (Arousal Gel for Her)
ON PLUS - FROST [WILD Intensity] (Arousal Gel for Her)
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This incredibly powerful arousal oil for women is all-natural and made with an original blend of pure essential oils and extracts. When applied directly to the clitoris, the fast-acting ON PLUS FROST will dramatically heighten a woman’s arousal and give her an exciting sensation that pulsates, vibrates, tingles and cools the most sensitive part of her sensual body. ON PLUS FROST even makes most women feel as though they are lubricating MORE.


  • Creates a cool tingly sensation
  • Pulsates and vibrates
  • Incredibly powerful
  • All-natural, healthy ingredients
  • Works quickly!
  • Makes a lot of women feel like they lubricate more
  • Sometimes men will feel a sensation (though it was designed for women)
  • Apply 1-2 drops directly onto the clitoris
  • Sensation starts within the first minute (and gets stronger over the next 5 minutes)
  • Apply more as desired (after the first 5 minutes)

Apply 1-2 drops directly to the clitoris (or apply to the finger first, then the clitoris). Wait 2 minutes for full effect. Add more as desired.

Size: 5ml

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