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Body Oil (Naughty Desires) - Try YES YOU DEW
Body Oil (Naughty Desires) - Try YES YOU DEW
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This item has been discontinued - Please try our new/similar product called YES YOU DEW. 

Dry Skin Beware! Just the right balance of natural moisture to delight the mind as well as the body.  Our Aromatic Body Oil will rejuvenate your skin to a soft, supple, healthy glow from your head to your toes. Instantly treats dry skin to restore comfort and suppleness. Your skin will drink up the nutritious oils without a greasy residue. Great for massage and bath oil too! 

* Don't use this UNLESS you WANT to be the MAIN attraction*

Scent descriptions:

  • Flirtatious - Light floral scent with a hint of baby powder
  • In the Pink - Blue Violet and Sweet Pea combine with a hint of White Cedar
  • Sensual Citrus - Grapefruit with a splash of Orange Flower
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