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.LET'S GET IT ON Combo.LET'S GET IT ON ComboThis combination of items is GREAT for couples who want to have long lasting and amazing orgasms.  
  1. Let's Get it On - Vibrating pleasure ring for couples (cock ring - keep him harder, for longer) 
  2. To Love & Protect - Toy cleaner is a must with a Man Sleeve
  3. HERO Power Glide - Arounsal gel for him
  4. Ignite - Stimulating Arousal Glide. Choose:
    • Strawberry
    • Regular (no flavor)
  5. ON PLUS for her - Arousal Oil or Gel.  Choose flavor and/or intensity:
    • Frost oil - cool & tingly
    • Wild oil - original intensity
    • Extreme oil - more intense than Wild
    • Cocoa flavored oil - same intensity as Wild
    • Cinnamon Sugar flavored gel - same intensity as Wild, with a
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