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HEART + HAND - Massage Oil Candle (w/ Pheromones)
HEART + HAND - Massage Oil Candle (w/ Pheromones)
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SIGHT. SCENT. TOUCH. The senses come alive with our HEART HAND 3-in-1 massage oil candles. Light the candle and enjoy the way it lights and scents the room. Let the wax melt, blow the flame out and pour the luxuriously warm massage oil onto your partner’s body.

Directions for use: Trim the wick to 1/4” before lighting. After the wax is melted, blow out the flame and pour warm oil onto your partner.

  1. Lavender / Vanilla
  2. Blood Orange Goji Berry
  3. Vanilla Sugar / Sweet Pea
Size - 8oz
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