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Fantasy & Fun
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50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card Game50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card GameMixing play and pleasure, these kinky sex position cards offer 100,000 different fantasies with all the tantalizing combinations to try, there's no losing in this card game! 

Four languages on each card - English, Spanish, French & German
BECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingBECAUSE WE CAN - Fantasy Door SwingTurn any ordinary door into your favorite bedroom accessory.  This fully adjustable, easy to use door swing will enable you to enjoy positions you never thought possible.  Get comfortable on the padded seat, slip your feet through the stirrups and enjoy the ride. 
DICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameDICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameOur Dice Of Desire are a romantic game for two (or more) players.  These dice will add just the right amount of kinky play to your foreplay moments.
LOVE MY BUM - Anal Comfort CreamLOVE MY BUM - Anal Comfort CreamEnjoy adventurous play even more with a cream designed to help relax the muscles and slightly desensitize this sensitive area

SENSUALLY WICKED - Nipple ClampsSENSUALLY WICKED - Nipple ClampsOur feathered nipple clamps aren't just for the fetish veterans.  These adjustable clamps are designed for a hint of pleasure with a hint of controllable pain; you control the pressure for a very erotic sensation.  Ideal for everyone from the experienced to the fetish play beginners.
SINFULLY KINKY - WhipSINFULLY KINKY - WhipThe Sinfully Kinky Whip is a sexy and stylish bondage play must-have.  Its cat o' nine tails will tickle your partner as much or as little as you decide.  This classy and classic whip is part of our Sinfully Kinky Collection that will surely excite your fetish fantasies.
STAY WITH ME - Doggie Style Strap w/ HandlesSTAY WITH ME - Doggie Style Strap w/ HandlesOur STAY WITH ME Perfect Position Strap transforms a popular position into the ultimate romantic encounter…no batteries required. Stay With Me has comfortable padding and extra-long straps on each side for control right where you want it. Allows for deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation.
SURPRISE ME - Satin BlinderSURPRISE ME - Satin BlinderLet the games begin with our luxurious double-layered satin blindfold. Go ahead... admit it, there's something intriguing about having your eyes covered during foreplay and more.  

Our Surprise Me satin blinder is a fun, uncomplicated, and affordable way to introduce erotic pleasure of sensory play.
SWEETLY EROTIC - Flexible Crop w/ Feather TipSWEETLY EROTIC - Flexible Crop w/ Feather TipTease and tickle each other with our soft and sexy dual-sided tickle whip.  It's the perfect combination of naughty and nice to excite and titillate from head to toe.
TINGLE MY TUSH - Anal Tingling GelTINGLE MY TUSH - Anal Tingling GelIt’s time to delight your derriere with a little tickle! Tingle My Tush is a fun way to experiment with new sensations and heighten the awareness of your body. Try a little or a lot, the amount of tingle is up to you! Try it with our Bottoms Up, Darling personal moisturizer or your favorite toy for more enjoyment

UNDER LOCK & KEY - Black Furry Cuffs w/ KeysUNDER LOCK & KEY - Black Furry Cuffs w/ KeysWho’s in charge now?  Lock up your lover with these playful restraints and take control!  These plush faux fur hand cuffs are perfect for introducing bondage into the bedroom.  A set of keys are included to make your role play even more exciting.  
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