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FOR KEEPS - Weighted Kegel Balls
FOR KEEPS - Weighted Kegel Balls
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Irresistibly cute and discreet, FOR KEEPS provides all-day thrills for the woman who enjoys her secrets. It features a weighted, silicone-covered ball that rolls with every movement, triggering intense sensations while strengthening pelvic floor muscles that can enhance orgasms. Also, includes a stretchy retrieval cord with a ring for easy removal.

Ben Wa Balls are an amazing tool for strengthening a woman's pelvic muscles quickly and effectively.  The top 4 reasons women love using them are:

  1. To create more sensation - A stronger PC muscle helps both men and women feel more friction during lovemaking.
  2. After childbirth - It takes a while for a woman's PC muscles to contract back to normal and regrain their strength
  3. For women who lubricate excessively - Excessive lubrication can reduce pleasurable friction.  Stronger PC muscles help increase sensation
  4. During Menopause - The reduction of muscle control and loss of estrogen (which may thin vaginal tissue), change feeling during penetration, making sex less comfortable.  Bounce Back is especially helpful for women going through menopause
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