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50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card Game50 POSITIONS OF BONDAGE - Bondage Card GameMixing play and pleasure, these kinky sex position cards offer 100,000 different fantasies with all the tantalizing combinations to try, there's no losing in this card game! 

Four languages on each card - English, Spanish, French & German
BEDROOM DESSERTSBEDROOM DESSERTSBedroom Desserts is a sensual and seductive way to look at desserts. With tantalizing ideas, recipes, and suggestions, you can have a romantic evening any night of the week. With easy recipes, seductive suggestions, quickie quests, and romance resources; Bedroom Desserts is your complete guide to a romantic evening. Bedroom Desserts gives you an array of sweet choices to mix and match with your meals. From simple to sophisticated, you will be able to incorporate the concept of romance with your lover by ending your mealtime together with a relaxing, and romantic treat - the perfect way to end a hectic day!
DICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameDICE OF DESIRE - Dice GameOur Dice Of Desire are a romantic game for two (or more) players.  These dice will add just the right amount of kinky play to your foreplay moments.
KINKY VOWS - Activity Card GameKINKY VOWS - Activity Card Game

Kinky Vows™ are a collection of sensual suggestions, kinky seductions, and playful surprises which are guaranteed to spice up your love life!


  • Kinky Vows™ are a great way to either reward your lover or to simply express that you're in the mood for something adventurous.andnbsp; It's up to you, you can take turns exchanging vows or you can surprise your lover by hiding the vows in places where they are sure to find them.

Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking
By Dr. Sadie Allison, Tickle Kitty Press

A truly modern communication tool, this gem of a book empowers women and men to experience the best lovemaking of their lives. Dr. Sadie's fun, conversational style and hands-on encouragement will guide you to the romance and passion you crave.

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