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BJ BlastBJ BlastThe worlds only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding, oral sex candy! Put some in your mouth and then him and let the popping begin. It’s a fun and tasty way to spice things up.
CANDIMAN - Hand Magic MassageCANDIMAN - Hand Magic MassageLet your hands work their magic to give him a special lap massage he will never forget! Candiman is an ultra-slippery hand bathing gel that lasts for an extended amount of time, and allows him to feel every one of your tickles, glides, squeezes and caresses to his favorite body part. This playful potion is also sweet to taste and turns him into your favorite piece of candy at the end of the massage.
JUST BETWEEN US - Throat Relaxing SprayJUST BETWEEN US - Throat Relaxing SprayUse Just Between Us flavored numbing spray to help relax your throat muscles and take his love deeper than ever before. Combine Just Between Us with Sweet On You Oral Delight Cream and his pleasure will definitely become yours.
NIPSICLE - Nipple StimulantNIPSICLE - Nipple StimulantNIPSICLE is the most exciting thing to happen to nipples since ice cubes! This all-natural tingling balm is designed to delight nipples by giving them more sensation and enhance sensitivity.   

  • Feels cool and tingly after applied
  • Nipples become more sensitive and perky
  • Made with all natural beeswax and essential oils
  • For men and women
  • Safe to use orally
ON PLUS - CINNAMON SUGAR (Arousal Gel for Her)ON PLUS - CINNAMON SUGAR (Arousal Gel for Her)ON PLUS Natural Arousal for Her is the most powerful arousal product on the market. It feels warm and actually vibrates and pulsates when applied. It helps increase sensitivity, body awareness, orgasm ability and intensity. It is also one of the ONLY arousal products that encourage a woman's own natural lubrication.

  • WILD - Intense
  • EXTREME - More Intense (if you need a little 'extra' assistance with arousal)
  • FROST - Intense with cooling & buzzing sensations
  • HEMP - Made with Hemp. Intense sensitivity
  • CINNAMON SUGAR - Cinnamon Sugar flavor
ON PLUS - IGNITE (Vaginal Arousal Glide)ON PLUS - IGNITE (Vaginal Arousal Glide)IGNITE gel is one of the most intense arousal products! We recommend it for advanced users because it feels extremely warm feeling and some women say it feels like something is moving around in circles inside. It can work as a lubricant, or as an internal arousal gel on its own.

ON PLUS Ignite is the most intense personal moisturizer on the market. When it is inserted vaginally, there is a relentless heat and then the sexiest feeling of circular movement inside the body. Women can feel it internally as well as externally when it comes in contact with the clitoris.

Enjoy this wild roller-coaster of sensation alone, or with a partner to take your love making to a climatic burst. ADVANCED users of arousal products will fall absolutely in love with ON PLUS Ignite.

Size: 4.2 fl.oz. 

SWEET HEAT - Edible Warming GelSWEET HEAT - Edible Warming GelMake your partner blush with Sweet Heat, the Edible Warming Massage lotion that feels hot when you blow on it. Massage it into a small area of the body, blow on it to get warm and then kiss lick it all off! (the more you rub it in, the hotter it gets when you blow on it!)
SWEET ON YOU - Oral Delight CreamSWEET ON YOU - Oral Delight CreamHis pleasure will be your pleasure with our Sweet On You Oral Delight Cream. This sweet edible gel is all that you will taste, as it keeps the tongue and throat completely coated. It stays present in the mouth longer than typical oral gels, allowing your love to go longer and deeper than ever before
X CREAM - Flavored Clitoral Arousal CreamX CREAM - Flavored Clitoral Arousal CreamThe deliciously cool, tingling sensation of X Cream is sure to tease and please. It was designed to enhance foreplay, heighten arousal, and intensify orgasm. It is the perfect companion to ON Arousal’s warm pulsing and vibrating sensation…the two together is like having fireworks in your panties!

Chocolate Mint Flavor
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