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BLENDED Concentrated Oils
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BEING WELL Essential Oil BlendBEING WELL Essential Oil Blend

Our proprietary Being Well Blend contains some of the most popular oils believed to benefit the body. Simply breathing and swallowing allows all kinds of “bugs” to enter our body. It’s impossible to eliminate the threats, but many believe that we may be able to assist our body’s natural defenses with essential oils.

CARE FREE Essential Oil BlendCARE FREE Essential Oil Blend

Our proprietary Care Free Blend is packed with mood-boosting, good-smelling essential oils. Many believe that feeling a little happier may lead to feeling a little healthier. Essential oils are being used to do just that and this blend is sure to make you and those around you smile.

MORE LOVE Essential Oil BlendMORE LOVE Essential Oil Blend

Our proprietary More Love Blend contains a mix of desire-igniting, mood-lifting oils to benefit everyone. A decrease in desire and energy is very common and affects women and men regardless of age. Stress, medicines and lifestyle are just a few of the factors that may contribute. Studies show that some essential oils may naturally act as aphrodisiacs, enhance the mood and boost energy levels.

PERFECT DAY Essential Oil BlendPERFECT DAY Essential Oil Blend

Our proprietary Perfect Day Blend contains a mix of mood-lifting oils to benefit everyone. Feeling a little down? The oils included in this blend are known to have amazing uplifting and anxiety-reducing properties and it smells amazing.

SPA DAY Essential Day BlendSPA DAY Essential Day Blend

Our proprietary Spa Day Blend was created to help deal with the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Based on numerous studies, essential oils are making the struggle a little bit easier. They may do more than just relax you; many report relief of muscle tension and inflammation, a balancing of the stress hormones (cortisol) and decreased sleep interruptions, just to name a few.

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