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Ammunition [discontinued] - Try CANDIMAN
Ammunition [discontinued] - Try CANDIMAN
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This product has been discontinued.  Please try our new/similar product called CANDIMAN.

This specially formulated lickable lotion with sensitizers for HIM. Doubles as an all-over flavored body massage lotion. Five yummy flavors to choose from.Ammunition is a slippery lotion to increase sensitivity and help bring him to life.  The great taste gives you a reason to stay there longer.   Put this on him before, you’ll only taste the ammunition, he orgasms within two minutes, you get to roll over and go to sleep and everyone is happy!

It’s all the ammunition you will ever need.  This cream has heightened sensitizers in it which make it great for men who suffer from ED to help them obtain an erection. 

*Don't forget all the times when you either have a headache, dont have time or are on your cycle.... but he still "needs" to get his too. Take care of him without getting lockjaw or carpel tunnel*

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