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Flavored Lotions, Amazing Potions & Stimulating Novelties
If you thought toys were just for kids.... you havent been to one of my parties!
Michelle Miller

Romantic gifts and more ....guaranteed to spark up sexy nights for you and your partner.

In-Home Parties

  • A night to remember......similar to many other in-home party companies, we are your “Bedroom Boutique” consultants. Invite friends, family and coworkers to escape the stress of everyday life. Relax, let your hair down, have a cocktail and let the laughter fill the air! Like my slogan says “If you think toys are just for kids…. You haven’t been to one of my parties!”
  • Raffles and a Game …..Guests will have an opportunity to win prizes for showing up on time and/or bringing a friend. Raffle tickets are provided at the beginning of the party, so it is important to be prompt! We also have an additional raffle for a lucky guest to win up to $$$ in free product, depending on the number or participants. An interactive game kicks off the show and is guaranteed to get the giggles flowing. It’s definitely a Kodak moment that you won’t want to miss.
  • Product Demonstration ….Lovewinx offers a fabulous assortment of edible lotions, amazing potions and stimulating novelties. Whether your taste is mild or wild, we have options for everyone. Our reasonable prices and quality products are sure to put a smile on your face, and keep you coming back for more! After a brief description of the products, they are passed around to for guest to touch, taste and smell. As for the electronics and things that go buzzzzzzz, guests are welcome to see how they work!
  • Private Shopping….All orders are taken confidentially in a separate room at the party. Others will not know about your personal business, unless you let them. Shop without the concern of someone ‘questionable’ lurking down the aisle of an adult shop.
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